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img Products at Fibretec Instruments are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest applicable National and International Standard such as IS, ISO, TAPPI, SCAN, ASTM etc. for varieties of industries including Pulp, Paper, Printing, Plastics, Packaging, Rubber, Textile, Adhesives, Chemicals and others.


Fibretec started from very small beginning...
It was in 1975 when Fibretec Instruments came in to existence at very small scale founded after discovering there are no testing machine available accurate enough to meet the requirements of testing in India for pulp & paper. The scientists at FIbrtec used used their high professional skills & knowledge of mechanical, electronics, Instrumentation and Thermodynamics engineering to innovate , design and develop the testing instrument based on the latest Mechatronics and process-control systems.

Since then it has been progressing and ultimately has achieved its goal of being the best engineering establishment to supply the unique testing instruments solution to different industries especially pulp & paper industry.

Fibretec Instruments is run by dedicated professional engineers who worked in a specific department of their expertise. As such, they keep on developing new instruments day by day to provide the best testing solutions for the related industries.

Mechanical Workshop:
This unit is managed by 3 mechanical engineers. The Mechanical Design & Modeling section is to control the design of the instruments according to the international standards viz TAPPI, ISO, DIN, CAN,CPPAD, ASTM & JIS. The section have the full control of AUTODESK software like AUTOCAD, INVENTOR and CATIA too. Our manufacturing unit consists of 15 skilled labors who manage to turn the raw iron to become a test equipment. The machining section have different kind of LATHES machine, SHAPING Machine, MILLING machine, Surface & Universal Grinders, Polishing machines & its attachments, Drilling and boring machines.

Electronic Department:
This Department consists of 2 electronic and 1 electrical engineer who manages to give the bare equipment to make it work as according to the applicable standard. Electronic design and development is controlled by many skilled technicians. It consists of Embedded Programming section and PCB layout designing and assembly sections. The wiring of the semi finished painted equipment is carried out in wiring section. There are 5 skilled technicians to serve these jobs.

Calibration Department:
After getting finished by the Mechanical & Electronics Department the instrument now comes for the calibration to work according to the relevant standard viz TAPPI, ISO, DIN, SCAN, CPPAD, ASTM & JIS. The engineers provide the calibration certificates to the new equipments and those in AMC. The section also maintains the after sales servicing department for other customers with in or outside the country. This department also serve the different industries like pulp & paper industries and its allied industries and related institutes for the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) service of their furnished laboratories Once or twice a year. The problems of the customers are met within 24 hours via telephone or email. In case of major problems the solution is to carried out by sending some service engineers to the places.

Marketing Department:
Fibretec have a team of 3 persons in the marketing department who take care of the customer's requirement which may be through any means of communication i.e. through email, telephone or fax. They give prompt and adequate response to each and every call, email or fax and provide the details of the equipments as according the customer's requirement. The department is responsible for raising the quotations and proforma invoices against the enquiries. They manage to dispatch the material with the selected courier or cargo services to reach the destination safely.

Fibretec's esteemed services in the field of testing instruments and providing the world with the best design equipments, Fibretec was awarded the 2nd prize for Concept, Design and Technology in the PAPEREX EXHIBITION held biannually in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

After many decades of success Fibretec Instruments is now at a glance of providing each and every solutions for pulp & paper and its allied industries.

Fibretec Instruments testing systems are used widely across manufacturing in a production, quality control and research environment, by independent laboratories, research associations and in higher educations. Typical industries using our test equipment include Pulp, Paper, Printing, Converting, Flexible Packaging, Coating, Plastic, Textiles, Medical Devices, Automotive Component Suppliers, Composites and Metals.

Fibretec started the business with the sole motto to provide the clients with the best of testing instruments solutions. The quality of product and services have made us totally distinct from others operating in this sphere. The constant encouragement and support of our domestic clients encouraged us to successfully penetrate the international market of pulp and paper industry. Our products match with all international standards and today we find a ready market in the developed countries.

Fibretec is driven by its commitment to quality, which resulted in various quality certifications, we compete vigorous internal assessment to ensure both internal and external quality of our testing instruments instruments.

We enjoy the service of a team of our highly qualified and skilled professionals. Every member of this team is responsible for the quality work and has the authority to control it.

We have been continuously improving upon our dealing process and the machinery to keep in pace with the changing and ever advancing technology.

Quality Policy:
We strictly follow the concept of total quality management and we have ISO 9001:2000 certification for our quality system. The CE marking is under process.

Product Packaging:
We are capable of meeting the most strict delivery schedules. Meeting the deadline is always the top priority as any delay in the delivery of consignment can contribute to overall project delay and cost overrun. Product is supplied in wooden boxes, corrugated boxes and poly-sheets keeping in mind the export packaging norms.

It is because of its spirits of innovation that it has achieved its goal and good will. Good administration with the best technical know how, skilled and experienced technicians as well as provision of best facilities including hygienic atmosphere and in machines and tools of latest technical pattern have also played their role in progress of the establishment.

We welcome all the queries and are always ready to provide you with the necessary information.

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We achieve this by maximizing the automation of the plant-wide quality testing process, the corporate distribution and analysis of quality data and the productive use of such quality data.