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Fibretec Instruments, India


Laboratory Crush Testers

FBI-PT 1010
Laboratory Crush Testers, Paper Testing Instruments, Fibretec Instruments, Roorkee, India Code No. FBI-PT 1010 B

For evaluating stiffness and resillient qualities of paper, plastics, cardboard, light metallic sheets, foil and other flexible material having comparatively strong bending resistance. One end of the test piece is easily fastened into the clamp. The maximum force required to bend the test piece to a specified angle is presented on the graduated scale.

  • Constant Speed Lab Crushing Tester - For determining the edgewise ring crush or flat crush resistance of corrugated board, paperboard, paper & plastics etc. Load range 0-50 Kg., 0-100 Kg.

  • Electronic Lab Crush Tester - With digital readout : For accurate testing of paper, paperboard, solid fiberboard & corrugated board for RCT, ECT, CCT and FCT test and its components as well as performing compression test on all small packages. Accessories provided for RCT testing only, Load range : 0-50 and 0-500 Kg. (5000 N.)

Option for all models :

    • Precision Test Strip Cutter Punch & Die Type - For preparation of test pieces towards use in Ring Crush Tests. Width 12.7 mm x 152 mm.
    • Circular Cutter For Flat Crush Test - Cutting out circular sample of board and similar materials . One test specimen at a time for measurement of Flat Crush Test.
    • Circular Neck Down Cutter - For preparation of test pieces for measurement of Edge Crush Test.
    • Sample Cutter for Edge Crush Tester - Sample size width 25, 50 mm.
    • Support block for Edge Crush Test
    • Pin Adhesion Attachment - To measure glue strength

APPLICABLE STANDARD: ISO 7263, 3035, 3037, TAPPI T 824,T 809,T 811,T822, T 823, 808, SCAN P42, P27, P33, P32, P34 FEFCO No.6, 8, 50, CPPA D.24, D.20, D.33

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