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Basis Weight Control On Line Automation

FBI-PT 6001
Basis Weight Control On Line Automation, Fibretec Automation Solutions, Fibretec Instruments, Roorkee, India Code No. FBI-PT 6001

For controlling the basis weight of paper machine. The extreme accuracy needed in basis weight control is achieved by a step-motor driven, backlash-free rotary actuator. It performs precise, minimal changes in calve opening with high repeatability and resolution. The rotary actuator is electrotechnical unit. When it's time to change grades and set a new basis weight, the control unit and the actuator quickly turns the valve to a new opening range with minimal downtime. (Adjustable speed with time duration; use RS232 and PC). Equipped with pulse train and time duration interface, Fibretec Basis Weight Valve System is compatible with any process computer output. The control unit operates in a response to a control command from a computer or an (open and close) and a digital position display. The DCS operation is activated in the "automatic" mode as a standard. Analog output (4-20 mA) can be used in the DCS to indicate valve position. Available in different size : 2" size, 3" size, 4" size, 5" size, 6" size, 10" size, 16" size valcces made of SS-316. Controlling upto 0.5 GSM Gear ratio 1:44 steps 3000, limit switches 2, O/p Torque 200, 400, 600.

Option :

  • Micro controller based automatic controller for above valves.
  • Imported CF8 & CF8M V Knotch Ball Valve for different sizes from 2" to 10" available.

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