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Fibretec Instruments, India



Paper Board and Corrugated Board Testing Instruments
Precision Thickness Micrometers-dead Weight Type Tappi/ Scan/ ISO
Tearing Resistance Testers- Elmendorf Type
Tensile Strength Testers
Moisture Meter
Infra Red Moisture Balance
Digital Reflectance Meter (Photo Volt Type)
Digital Brightness Tester (ISO Model)
Computerized Brightness, Opacity & Color Tester- Spectrophotometer
Stiffness Tester
Laboratory Crush Testers
Bursting Strength Testers (Mullen Type)
Folding Endurance Tester
Quadrant Scales
Digital Grammage Scale
Precision Strip Cutters
Precision Circular Cutter (Hand Wheel Type)
Precision Punch & Die Cutters
Oil Absorbency Tester - Cobb Unger Type
Paper Electric Incinerator
Internal Ply Bond Tester (Scott Tester)
Water Absorption Tester-Klemn Type
Cobb Sizing Tester
Oil Penetration Tester (William Type)
Paper Surface Oil Absorbency Tester (SOAT) Patra Type
Wettability Tester
Paper Curl Tester
Digital Air Permeability Tester (Valmet Type)
Air Permeability Tester (Gurley Type)
Print Surface Roughness / Smoothness Tester
Smoothness Porosity Tester (Bendtsen Type)
Digital Balance

Pulp Testing Instruments
Laboratory Beater
Laboratory Rotary Digester
Laboratory Pulping Unit (Autoclave Digester)
Laboratory Research Digester
Lab Disc Refiner
Laboratory Strainer
Fiber Fractionater - Somerville Type
Lab Hydrapulper
Laboratory Sheet Press
Beating & Freeness Testers-Schopper Riegler Type
Beating & Freeness Tester - Canadian Type
Laboratory Mechanical Crusher
Wood Chip Classifier
Laboratory Chipper
Sheet Drying Cabinet
Fiber Classifier (Bauer Mc Nett Type)
Rapid Sheet Dryer
Sheet Drying Cylinder
Consistency Determination Apparatus
Micro Fibre Projector
Pulp Disintegrator
Wet Web Tensile Strength Tester
Portable Sheet Former
Hand Sheet Formers
Flotation Cell(Lamort Type)
Pulp Color Reversion Appratus
Ford Cup
Laboratory Pressure Screen With Slotted Basket
Laboratory Hi-Density Centri-Cleaner
Laboratory Screw Press (De Watering Unit)

Paper Board and Corrugated Board Testing Instruments
Electronic Box Compression Tester
Abrasion Tester
Laboratory Heat Sealer
Laboratory Seal Strength Tester
Gelbo Flex Tester
Paper Core Compression Strength Tester
Concora Medium Fluter
Carton Board Creaser
Impact Tester-conbur Incline Type
Package Shaker (Vibration Table)
Puncture Resistance Tester
Automatic Drop Tester
Falling Dart Impact Tester
Ink Rub Tester

Paper Board and Corrugated Board Testing Instruments
Standard Paper Testing Waxes
Lab Air Knife Coater
Fibretec Printability Tester
Laboratory Calender
Lab Bar Coater
Coating Rods

Environmental Testing Instruments
Environment Chamber
Laboratory Oven
Ph Meter
Muffle Furnace
Bod Incubator

Fibretec Automation Solutions
Laboratory Automation Autoline 2000
Basis Weight Control On Line Automation
Consistency Measurement & Control
Fibretec Auto Trackers (Auto Guide)
Pid Controllers

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We achieve this by maximizing the automation of the plant-wide quality testing process, the corporate distribution and analysis of quality data and the productive use of such quality data.